Should You Postpone Your Wedding due to Covid-19?

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The decision to postpone your wedding is always a very personal decision between you and your significant other, regardless if it is due to the current Covid-19 concerns or any other reason. But that being said, if you are currently planning to get married this upcoming Fall 2020 and you are having concerns about postponing or moving forward, there are definitely a handful of questions you and your fiancé should discuss together.

Questions for you and your fiancé to consider when deciding to postpone your wedding.

1. How important is the actual wedding date to you? 

Sometimes couples choose a specific wedding date because it has special significance to them or they see it as something special (i.e. 10/10/20 was the popular date this fall). And some couples choose a date because its the only available Saturday that worked for everyone. Whatever the reason behind why you chose your original wedding date, you need to ask yourself if you are ok with a different date if you decide to postpone.

2. Are you willing to have a small ceremony only or ceremony and dinner with a limited number of guests?

Whether it’s due to a government mandate on limiting the size of your wedding or guests choosing to not attend out of an abundance of caution, you could be looking at a much smaller wedding guest count than you had originally planned or envisioned. Sometimes a smaller guest count, with your closest family and friends, can have its advantages, such as a lower overall cost to the wedding. Or an opportunity to add in extra details to the day, such as chargers, rental chairs or rose gold flatware, that you might not have been able to afford with a larger guest count. But if celebrating without everyone just isn’t what you have your heart set on, then maybe postponing is the right option.

3. Do you have family members (such as parents and grandparents) who due to health risks could not attend?

It would be completely understandable to want to delay your wedding if some of the most important people in your life could not be there. At the same time, if they are fighting another illness such as ALS or advanced cancer, time may not be on your side, and postponing may not seem like a good option.

4. Are you wanting to start a family in the very near future?

While this is absolutely no one’s business but your own, this is still an important question for the two of you to discuss. Postponing your wedding could mean another year of planning, which means starting a family could be another two years away.

5. Are you financially able to fulfill any contractual obligations you may have already committed to prior to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many people experienced severe financial changes and difficulties due to layoffs and the shutting down of businesses due to Covid-19. While I love helping couples plan for their wedding day, I hate seeing them stress over the financials of throwing a wedding. If you were impacted financially, perhaps postponing your wedding or scaling down to a smaller, more intimate wedding is the right decision.

6. Are you ok with vendors wearing face masks at your wedding?

For the foreseeable future, businesses of all sorts are going to have policies regarding face masks, and that includes resorts and small business wedding vendors. I would expect to see a lot of face masks worn by venue staff and wedding vendors, at least through the Fall and Winter 2020 wedding seasons. If you are really adamant that you don’t want vendors or guests wearing face masks, then postponing might be worth discussing. And while it is your wedding day, no, you don’t get to tell people whether they can or cannot wear masks. You can choose to let them know your preference but the rest is up to them. (Of course, you can also choose to not work with that vendor if you and them cannot come to an agreement.)

7. Are your Vendors able to accommodate the changed wedding date? Are there any change fees that will be assessed?

Most wedding professionals WANT to help out their clients. The wedding industry is not for the faint of heart and we truly love helping people. Generally, vendors are happy to be flexible and change a wedding date when needed. Especially if there is ample time given between the decision to change dates, the original wedding date, and the new wedding date. Unfortunately, all your vendors may not be available for your new wedding date. During the wedding high season, many vendors can be booked every weekend. If they are already booked for another wedding, then it could be back to the drawing board of available dates. And it may come down to which vendors you are comfortable canceling the contract and moving on.

Additionally, some vendors may charge a fee to postpone your date. It’s important to remember that depending on the service provided, a vendor can only be in one place at a time. For example, your photographer can only shoot one wedding per day. And they likely turned down other inquiries for your wedding date once your contract was signed. When you change dates, they have lost income for that original date and it’s not likely that they will be able to rebook.

I could go on and on about this topic, so definitely check out the article on how to postpone your wedding to Covid-19.

While there are definitely more questions to be asked, these are a good starting point. Your answers to these questions can help you and your fiancé make a decision that is best for both the two of you and your families.

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